Conversion Rate Optimisation

Get the most out of your current webshop traffic. When running a lot of advertising you want to make sure your store is converting.

The process

Through our unique mix of tools, expertise and approach we create a plan to optimise your conversion rate. An extensive audit report lists the recommendations and actions your store needs.

We closely collaborate with your team to understand your business, clients and goals. We identify issues from your analytics and set up the roadmap to tackle those obstacles.

Average Order Value

A secondary goal next to improving your conversion is increasing your average order value. Improving this value with 5% can drastically increase your turnover. We look at cross selling, upselling and bundling products where possible.

The road to growth

It's more than pushing one button


Your analytics are a source of truth. We will add our own insights and make recommendations.

UX improvements

Our expertise from managing over 60 stores learned us what works and whatnot.

Cross-sell & Upsell

Spotting the right opportunities will help increase you average order value

Technical analyses

How fast is your store? Reviewing your architecture and app list can improve your shop's performance.

Can we improve your conversion?